Welcome! It is a big pleasure to have you here in this website where I propose ideas of explorations on the body movement, to discover the knowledge in our bodies, to express ouselves fully, to activate creativity, to be in touch with ourselves.

My passion is to work with the body and the movement both in the functional and expressive aspects, as a source to develop a personal expression, a unique identity  through a work of creativity/research/original language, and as a regenerative tool for our health and well being. The body always has an answer to everything.

My mission is to help others to express their own identity through the movement expression with the study of technique,  the basic principles of movement, and creative expression. To do this I propose movement/dance courses and workshops based on the Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis, where I can  guide  people to develop their technique/expressive potential, give value to who they are, clarify their ideas and visions, to engage in a deep dialogue with themselves so that they can fully express themselves in the world.

To feel things through the body and express them in movement,  is a way to be in the present moment and bring our ideas into reality.

My work develops in two directions:

  1. Professional dance training and training for teachers and educators which are advanced courses
  2. Activities and movement classes for everyone,  for people who are not professionals in the dance field but would like to  explore, express themselves through the movement.

My role is to guide my students in pathways full of stimuli, based on the integration between technique and creativity, the development of the creative process, and the ability to perceive difficulties as tools for transformation.

I invite you to have a look at the page courses and workshops.

I wish you a good exploration.